State provides maps showing to what degree schools are opening











This map ( ) is provided in a state government-created "one-stop-shop" website to show the degree to which all California school districts are open. Links to maps for private and charter schools are listed below. The maps do not function well with a Safari web browser, so try another if the maps do not open. 

School districts' reopening map can be viewed at: 

Private schools' reopening map can be viewed at:

Charter schools' reopening map can be viewed at:


Ojai Unified School District started in-person instruction at Matilija Middle School and Nordhoff High School in cohorts of 14 or fewer students per cohort on Feb. 22. 

State guidance for "cohorts" is provided on this state website:

OUSD elementary students have returned to in-person hybrid instruction, per state guidelines, since they were open the week of Nov. 2 when Ventura County was in the red tier (second-from-worst purple tier for COVID-19 metrics).

To help communities navigate schools’ return to in-person instruction, the state government unveiled in January a “one-stop shop for state guidance and resources on safely resuming in-person instruction” at:


On this site:

— School staff and parents can report school-specific safety concerns to the State Safe Schools Team via online web portal and telephone hotline.

— School administrators can request technical assistance on developing and implementing safety plans from the State Safe Schools Team via online web portal.

— Consolidated and updated guidance provides framework for safe reopenings and reflects additional resources to implement school-centered COVID-19 testing.

Map of degree to which California schools are open 

The site provides a map, which is still in its development phase, that shows the degree to which schools in the state are open for in-person instruction; whether they have COVID-19 plans; the amount of state COVID-19 mitigation funds they have received; and how much personal protective equipment (PPE) they have.

The website reports that OUSD has received $3,224,164 in pandemic-related government funding, and that it has at least a three months' supply of PPE.

The map can be accessed at:

 OUSD COVID-19 dashboard


OUSD has a COVID-19 dashboard, which is regularly updated, showing the number of COVID-19 infections of students on campus and staff. It can be viewed at:

 2 14 21 COVID dashboard


According to the state website: “The information displayed on the school-reopening maps is based on self-reported data that county offices of education, school districts, charter schools and private schools (local educational agencies) submitted in response to a health directive from the California Department of Public Health. 

“Local educational agencies are required to submit the information every two weeks beginning January 25. The data were submitted to California Department of Public Health through a survey that asked all local educational agencies to identify the grades served in their school(s) and primary mode of instruction (where 50% or more of the students are being offered instruction via the specified mode) for each grade level. The modes of instruction include in-person, hybrid and distance learning only. If there is no information displayed for a local educational agency, it means that none was submitted.

“Additional information provided includes if a local educational agency that is providing in-person instruction has posted their COVID-19 Safety Plan on their website. Also included is information on COVID-19 Funding that was provided to school districts and charter schools from state and federal funds to address pandemic-related issues. It includes three sources of funds Learning Loss Mitigation Funds, Federal Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief funds and Federal Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief funds II. It is only targeted funding and does not represent total state and federal funding.

A January press release about the state’s schools’ “transparency, accountability and assistance measures” can be viewed at:

All-county letter

The press release contains an all-county letter” to local health officers and county superintendents of schools on Jan. 19 that can be viewed at:

To read the Ojai Valley News' Jan. 26 article on the OUSD proposed cohorts schedule, visit: