Attempted break-ins in Ojai Valley neighborhoods lead to warnings

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A flashing mobile sign off of Highway 33 on Nye Road in Casitas Springs on Thursday warns residents to lock their houses and vehicles.


“Remember to lock your cars and house,” flashed a warning on a mobile law enforcement sign on Nye Road in Casitas Springs on Thursday.

It is an especially good reminder after three attempted break-ins and other suspicious activities have been reported on Ojai Valley neighborhood social media posts — two on Feb. 19 and 20 and another Jan. 3.

On Saturday, Feb. 20, at noon, a Descanso Avenue resident reported that a man surprised another resident and the pet dogs in the family’s back yard.

According to the resident, the man jumped the back wall to the bike trail to avoid being caught by the resident and the dogs. Sheriff’s deputies were called and searched for the suspect in vain.

On Friday, Feb. 19, another person, whose house backs up to the bike trail on Willey Road, reported a man trying to get into an occupied house. The suspect was caught by California Highway Patrol officers, according to the resident.

A Ring security camera video showed that the two incidents on Feb. 19 and 20 involved different suspects.

The resident whose house was almost broken into Feb. 20 posted a warning: “It’s happening all over town during daylight hours, even with people at home. PLEASE keep your cars locked, and your doors locked if you or your kids are home alone. Especially if your property backs up tot he bike trail or private roads. Be safe, neighbors!”

On Feb. 15, a resident on West El Roblar Drive reported the family dog barking at about 1 a.m., which made the residents suspicious.

Another resident in the Oak View Hillside area reported that someone had recently tried the handles of the front and back doors of the house to see if they were unlocked.

Another resident then posted: “Two neighbors have had someone in their yards recently on Dale (Avenue) and Thomas (Street) in Oak View. One in the afternoon and one early morning. Make sure to lock up even in the daytime. Also, let the police know if you have an incident, so they are aware. Stay safe."

That social media post led to another person to state on the social media site that an intruder was in the Mira Monte Highlands area on Jan. 3. It was reported that he went through the latched, but not locked gate, into the fenced back yard. He then woke a resident by knocking on a door about 10:45 p.m.

The person writing the post said that the resident saw the intruder try to turn the knob before he ran off when she yelled that she was calling 911. The poster said that law enforcement responded in about three minutes, but no suspect was located.






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