Organized and rec team sports, drills, conditioning prohibited due to COVID-19

Ojai Valley News photos by Ken Brown

Nordhoff High School football coach Lance Wiggins conducts a workout for Nordhoff High School football players Monday. Now such conditioning by organized and recreational sports teams has been prohibited by the county Public Health officer due to the rise in COVID-19 cases.


Nordhoff High School athletes started Nordhoff22hearing from their coaches Tuesday morning that sports team practices this summer are canceled for now, due to a surge in COVID-19 numbers. 

"So get out and run this summer!" texted one Nordhoff coach to his team. "We'll see you in the fall."
New Public Health directives issued by the Ventura County Public Health officer on Monday apply to team sports at public and private schools and colleges and youth and adult sports organizations.
According to the Ventura County Public Health Officer in a press release issued Tuesday: “All organized and/or recreational team sports activities are prohibited until further notice. This prohibition applies to members of a team gathering together for games, practices, physical conditioning, drills and any other group activity that involves two or more persons gathering at the same place and time for an organized team activity.”
The directive exempts professional teams, which the release states, “may be covered by a separate order.”
Day camps are regulated differently, according to the press release: “The California Department of Public Health guidance on day camps, which has been approved for implementation by the county health officer, permits recreational activities that involve day campers sharing toys and equipment, provided the campers comply with social-distancing requirements. 
“Neither the guidance on day camps, nor any other guidance issued by the CDPH, shall be construed to permit organized team sports activities contrary to the intent of this order. 
“FAQ'S are directives from the state and/or local Public Health officer, and have the same force and effect as other state and/or local Public Health officer directives." 
Those frequently asked questions (FAQS that are directives) can be viewed at