VC Public Health reports 79 hospitalized with COVID-19, 29 in ICUs

7 10 COVID7

Ventura County Public Health reported the following COVID-19 numbers for Ventura County on Friday, July 10:

153 cases from the day before

2,061 new people tested
4,246 total cases
2,299 recovered cases
74 hospitalizations 
29 in the ICU
2,495 under quarantine
7 10 COVID8
78,753 total people tested 
53 deaths
Ventura County Public Health provided a doctor question-and-answer video update:
Public Health officials urge people to wear a mask, practice physical distancing and remember to only gather with the people they live with as they head into the weekend! "Your actions save lives and help slow the spread of COVID-19," according to a county government press release.
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