Remembering fallen veterans on Memorial Day: Op-Ed

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Screenshot of Stephen Adams' video of previous Oak View Memorial Day Parade.


By Nancy Hill, Chair of Ojai Memorial Day Committee

I’m sad to say all the Memorial Day activities planned for Ojai will not happen on May 25 as scheduled this year, due to continuing COVID-19 restrictions.  This includes the Ojai American Legion Post free (to veterans) breakfast.  The Oak View Civic Council is canceling its annual Memorial Day Parade. The Concert at Libbey Bowl, the Wall of Remembrance and all those beautiful young singers will not appear on May 25.
The city of Ojai has given us permission to observe Memorial Day at Libbey Bowl this year on Veterans Day, Wednesday, Nov. 11, instead.  This will be wonderful. We will honor our veterans at Libbey Bowl, have the concert with band, speakers and singers similar to what was originally planned for May 25. We will hang all the “Wall of Remembrance” posters, with pictures, news articles and text about our veterans, around the Upper Libbey tennis courts, which makes our Memorial Day so special compared to others.  I can never thank the city enough for letting us observe Memorial Day and honor our veterans at Libbey Bowl on this alternate day.  
All donations that were received to support the May 25 observance will be used to support the observance on Veterans Day instead.
I want to remind people again: “American soldiers do not fight because they hate what is in front of them, but because they love what is behind them.”  Also: “In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.” Keep that in mind as you remember our veterans on Memorial Day and we’ll hope to see you on Veterans Day.
Here is a list of our fallen veterans since Memorial Day 2019:
Donald A. Betlach
Nicholas John Frank, III
Nathan Reynolds
Erik Mauritz Bjornstedt
William J. Ghormley
Harold Ruddick
Melvin R. Bloom
Walter William Guina
Phillip Jerry Sherman
Tommy Carl Cable
Lorraine Violet Ingles
Tommy Sipe Shrader
Lee Howard Criger
Earnest Wayne Leonard
Charles Bridge Thompson
Robert A. Dreger
Fred Donald Linkenhelt
Richard Whitacre
June Berry Ellison
Laurence H. Merritt
H. Ward Wright
Adam Kirkpatrick Erickson
Donald E. Myers
If we missed your loved one on this list, please contact me at 805-302-6093 so we can add them to our wall; you provide pictures/news articles/text, and we’ll make the poster.
— Nancy Hill chairs the Ojai Memorial Day Committee.

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