April 3: 189 positive COVID-19 cases in Ventura County; 4 in Ojai, 1 in Oak View; 6 deaths

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Ventura County Public Health provided the latest COVID-19 numbers for Ventura County as of April 3 and provided answers to the "questions of the day," in addition to a link to a video message from Ventura County government officials:
Questions of the Day:
Where can Employers, Employees and the Self Employed go for resources?  Visit the Economic Development Collaborative COVID-19 Business Resources Page:
Where can I get tested? If you are symptomatic please call your primary care doctor for your health questions. Your primary care doctor would make the recommendation for COVID-19 testing. If you do not have a primary care provider, please visit Find a Doctor
You do not need to contact Public Health to request a test. Your doctor will contact Public Health if your test is positive. Learn what you can do if you were exposed to someone with COVID-19:
View the daily video update at the following link: