April 3: Nordhoff High students asked to register for next year's classes; registration includes an appeal option to add a course to reduced schedule for 2020-21








Nordhoff High School students began registering for next year's classes the week of March 30. Nordhoff Principal David Monson sent an email to students and parents with instructions on how students can register and appeal to take another class for the new 2020-21 school schedule. 

Ojai Unified School District moved into Phase 2 of its distance learning plan March 30. Phase 2 will go through April 19, with spring break April 6 to 10. The distance learning plan is a result of most California schools closing March 16 due to COVID-19. OUSD schools will remain closed through the remainder of the school year.

Regarding class registration at Nordhoff, Mr. Monson wrote:

"Students will receive a specific link to a grade-level Google Form for online registration. We've transferred our paper forms to digital and had willing students do trial runs on the application process to provide feedback and problem solve any uncertainty before going out to all students.  
"Registration is a top priority for our counselors. Each registration form will be reviewed carefully by counselors.
"Here are some things to know about the process:
— "Helpful to have your transcripts and registration paperwork next to you when completing the form (counselors provided this to students before our closure).
— "There is an appeal section embedded into registration form.
— "Appeals will receive individual responses from counselors or administrators.
— "Parents and students will have time to review their schedule before it's finalized.
"Please email your counselor with questions; if you or your counselor determine a Zoom video conference is necessary, an appointment will be made."



Mr. Monson wrote about Phase 2 of the district's three-phase distance-learning plan that goes through April 19:
“Phase 2 will help students and teachers start a new learning routine before any work is graded.  
“Students will still receive assignments through their teachers’ established online system (StudentSquare, Google Classroom, email or other).  
“All Phase 2 weekly activities and related links are available at this Google drive — — for any student or parent to find.  ...
“Week 2 of Phase 2 will be updated before we return from spring break.”

To review the “Phase 2 Overview for Parents,” visit:

Built into the registration form is an appeal for additional elective selections, according to Part 4 — on Page 6 of the distance learning plan (copied in image above).
The appeal is for students who want to, or had planned to, take the seven classes that have been offered at Nordhoff this school year and in previous years.  An appeal is now required as a result of the school board’s controversial March 11 decision to reduce the school schedule to six classes a day for those who do not appeal or whose appeals are not granted.
At its March 11 meeting, the school board discussed the controversial reduction in classes to potentially save the school district $200,000.
Parents packed both the March 11 board meeting and a March 9 parent meeting, with the majority of parents objecting to the schedule change, with several saying their children would be forced to make difficult choices between needed academic courses to meet college requirements, and others that enriched their high school experience, such as music, dance, theater, art and sports, etc.
After more than 2 hours and 15 minutes discussing the issue, the school board voted to “approve the schedule change, with the proviso that we are provided regular updates on the waiver progress, with the potential to return to make modifications.”
In its discussion, school board members said they wanted to review how many appeals were requested and granted, and how many students plan to leave Nordhoff as a result of the change, to see if the schedule change to six periods was warranted, or if it needed to be modified.


To view the video of the March 11 discussion of the change in the Nordhoff schedule, watch school board meeting starting at the 1:18 time stamp to the 3:34 time stamp when the final vote on the matter is concluded at: .

To view the video of the March 9 parent meeting OUSD administration held to explain the Nordhoff schedule change, visit:

To view the school district administration's frequently asked questions list about the schedule change for the 2020-21 school year, visit:


Below is a photographed copy of the Nordhoff schedule appeal form given to students in early March before schools were closed due to COVID-19:



Ojai Unified School District school board held its regular monthly meeting via teleconference on Wednesday, April 1.
To view the agenda and see the links for the public to participate by listening and providing public comments, visit: 


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