Feb. 28: Ojai Unified School District coronavirus update: OUSD "identifying grade-level curriculum teams to help plan for alternative instruction methods, if school closure should become necessary"

Ojai Unified School District Superintendent Tiffany Morse sent out the following message at about 6 p.m. Friday, Feb. 28,  via email and its Parent Square online communication site:


2 28 OUSD

Coronavirus Update
Hello OUSD families and staff, 
As we continue to follow updates from the California Public Health Department (CPHD) around coronavirus/COVID-19, we want to make you aware of our ongoing efforts to ensure that the health and wellness of our students, staff and community is maintained at the highest possible level.  As we shared in our message on February 5th, Ojai Unified School District is strictly following the recommendations set out by the CPHD

Additional efforts we are putting in place are:
revising our cleaning schedule to clean tables and doorknobs every day at all sites 
installing hand sanitizer dispensers in communal areas (cafeterias, gym, offices) at all sites
identifying grade-level curriculum teams to help plan alternative instruction methods, if school closure should become necessary
These precautionary measures are an extension of our commitment to wellness for our students, staff and community.
Finally, if our families travel to mainland China or the Hubei province over the upcoming spring break, they will be subject to CDC guidelines — —

and any new guidelines that may be implemented in future.  For a list of countries with COVID-19 travel advisories, visit . We ask that if you travel to any affected countries that you follow all related guidelines to support the health and safety of our community.
Thank you for your efforts at home, encouraging your children and other family members to remain vigilant in the following steps, especially as we are at the peak of flu season:
Wash hands with soap and water, often. This is our best defense against the spread of any virus.  
Cover coughs with a tissue or sleeve. 
Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
Avoid close contact with people who are sick
Avoid sending students to school if they are sick with respiratory symptoms such as a cough, or a fever
Seek immediate medical care if symptoms become more severe, e.g., high fever or difficulty breathing. 
Thank you again for your partnership and support to ensure our community and schools remain healthy. 
Dr. Tiffany Morse


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