Love springs eternal

2 14 Mel and Andrea Bloom

Longtime Ojai resident and columnist Mel Bloom passed away on Dec. 20 at his Ojai home at age 92. His beloved wife, Andrea, passed away in 2015. In the Ojai Valley News article about Mel by Andra Belknap, she quoted Mel and Andrea’s daughter, Marsha “Tink” Anderson: “As he was passing away, he was seeing things and hearing things that we didn’t experience,” Tink said. “He said: ‘Andi’s here. Oh, she’s beautiful.’”

On Valentine’s Day, we share a love poem Mel Bloom wrote to his wife, Andrea: 

All those words that blossom in my heart

I’ll fling to you. Arms full of loose bloom, love.
I love beyond breadth, beyond reason,
beyond love’s own power of loving.
And your name is like a golden bell hung
in my heart. And when I think of you, I tremble;
and the bell swings and rings
Andrea! Andrea! Andrea!



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