Ojai City Council bans most combustion-engine tools in city limits

1 17 Johnston smashing toolsmaller WEB copyOjai Valley News photo by Austin Widger
Ojai Mayor Johnny Johnston uses a sledgehammer to smash one of the city's old gas-powered leaf blower backpacks at City Hall on Dec. 12. Last year, the city of Ojai decommissioned its gas-powered landscape maintenance equipment and switched over to clean-energy battery-electric equipment. On Jan. 14, the City Council voted for an ordinance to require all Ojai residents to stop using most of their combustion-engine tools.


Austin Widger, Ojai Valley News reporter

Ojai City Council unanimously approved a motion banning all leaf blowers, non-riding lawn mowers, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, pull hedge trimmers, pull saws and lawn edgers with combustion engines in the city limits, at its Jan. 15 meeting.
This means that all of this gardening equipment must now be electric for residential and commercial users alike.

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