Bird lovers flock to Ojai Raptor Center open house

web pvh ORC 2 Gavin a peregrine falconweb pvh ORC 3 Bob an American kestrel
Ojai Valley News photos by Perry Van Houten
Gavin, a peregrine falcon.                                                                                                                                        Bob, an American kestrel.


Ojai Raptor Center held an open house on Nov. 3 that was attended by an estimated 1,400 people, according to ORC founder and director Kim Stroud. The event featured education booths and on-stage appearances by the center’s “education ambassadors,” including a hawk, a falcon and several owls. For the first time, attendees needed to purchase pre-sale tickets online and there were no walk-ups, resulting in a smoother, safer and better event for people and birds, Stroud said. 
web pvh ORC 1 Kim and Tito
Kim Stroud, founder and director of ORC, with barn owl Tito.


The open house went so well, Stroud said, that ORC will likely return to a twice-a-year format in 2020. A spring open house was not held this year, so the center could sort out logistics to deal with the event’s ever-increasing attendance, Stroud said.