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Conversation with artist Carlos Grasso

web 6 7 Grasso Canvas Deconstruction Series 3 Environmentally Challenged Landscape acrylic on hand cut canvas 5 x 7 feet
Photo submitted
A piece of artwork by Carlos Grasso.


A conversation with artist Carlos Grasso and Donna Granata, founder of Focus on the Masters, will be presented on Sunday, June 16, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. at the Museum of Ventura County, 100 E. Main St., Ventura.
Ojai-based artist Grasso studied visual arts and music as a child while growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a “visionary artist and compulsive visual explorer,” Grasso explained that his world has always revolved around art, whether drawing, painting, playing music or teaching. He studied figure drawing as well as the piano and flute at the National Conservatory of Music. 
For more than a decade, he worked as a professional flautist in Paris and has a background in graphic arts. Grasso moved to Southern California where he served as an apprentice to FOTM-documented master artist, David Leffel. It was during this time that the artist discovered his passion for painting and honed his skills in realism and life drawing. The freedom of abstraction has driven his later works, mixing “the outside world” and “the inside world.”.
Grasso is interested in philosophy and spirituality. By playing and experimenting with our inner relationship to the outer world , he allows himself the freedom of expression to compose pieces that harmonize between the real and the abstract gracefully. His collage-based compositions juxtapose found objects with abstract paintings, creating a dialogue between the tangible and the intangible, the subjective and the material.  
He describes abstraction as the language of the mind where the viewer translates the work according to their own psyche. Through his assemblage pieces, he transforms discarded materials and multicolored shredded pieces into a rhythmic melody. His use of color represents the diversity and multiplicity of the outside world while white represents a Zen or spiritual quality. Grasso exhibits throughout Ventura and Los Angeles and is a member of the Ojai Studio Artists, who open their studios annually the second weekend in October and several Saturdays during the month. 
To learn more about Carlos, visit
The presentation is free to FOTM members; $15 for the public; $10 for seniors.
The Artist Spotlight is open to students attending as a class assignment free of charge. FOTM is happy to assist with tracking attendance and sign-in sheets. Reservations required. To RSVP visit or call 805.653.2501.
The public is welcome to join the artist for a celebratory fundraising dinner at a Ventura home. Paid reservations are required prior to June 10. Maps will be given to paid guests at the interview.
The cost is $30 for FOTM members and $40 for nonmembers.
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