Weather for Ojai Valley


Weather for Ojai Valley

Storm coverage Jan. 22, 2017

According to the Ventura County Watershed Protection District, from 12:30 p.m. Jan. 21 until 12:30 p.m. Jan. 22, Soule Park received 1.65 inches of rain, 2.87 inches fell at Matilija Dam, 1.98 inches fell in Oak View, 1.56 inches fell at Casitas Dam and 2.23 inches fell in Meiners Oaks.

The following photos are scenes from around the valley taken Jan. 22. Ojai Valley News photos by Tim Dewar.

 td rain 012217 8821

Hwy. 33 and Orchard Drive.

 td rain 012217 8826

Reeves Road

 td rain 012217 8829

McNell Road

 td rain 012217 8835

County Public Works truck at McNell Road.

 td rain 012217 8849

Oak tree on Grand Avenue.

 td rain 012217 8852

Oak tree on Grand Avenue.

 td rain 012217 8854

 td rain 012217 8858

Hudson Cowen (left) takes a walk on Grand Avenue with his grandpa, Dave Gaddis.

 td rain 012217 8865

Creek Road

 td rain 012217 8867

Creek Road

 td rain 012217 8871

Creek Road

 td rain 012217 8877

Mudslide on Creek Road.

 td rain 012217 8880

Mudslide on Creek Road.

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